Waddler Room

Exploring Boundless Adventures: Waddler Room (12 – 24 Months)

Once children become more physically active, they transition into our Waddler Room where we concentrate on introducing the children to a slightly more structured environment. We provide a variety resources and materials to encourage curiosity and exploration using all the senses, including a specially designed space that provides sensory stimulation. Our well-planned interest areas include creative, messy play, role-play, imaginative play, sensory, reading, mark-making, sand, water and construction. We offer a range of physical activities such as music and movement sessions, dough disco and yoga.


All-Weather Outdoor Fun!

We have lovely outdoor areas for our children to access in all weathers! The children have the opportunity to do gardening and play with a variety of different outdoor equipment such as age-appropriate bikes and cars, balls and P.E. equipment to support gross motor development.

Refreshed and Ready for Action-Packed Fun and Learning!

Our feeding area creates a relaxed, supportive and engaging mealtime environment with minimal distraction to support children to develop healthy attitudes towards food and learn vital social and physical skills. We believe that children of all ages need adequate sleep and rest, not just for physical rest and better moods, but also for learning as sleep allows us to consolidate new information.  We provide our Waddlers with a calm, safe sleep environment to nap contently in the day and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to have more action-packed fun and learning!


Meet the Woddler Room Team

Welcome to our lively woddler room, a hub of excitement and discovery where little ones embark on daily adventures. Led by our dedicated team of caregivers, this vibrant space is filled with laughter, learning, and endless opportunities for exploration. Join us as we nurture curiosity and celebrate the magic of early childhood in a warm and welcoming environment designed just for woddler wonders.

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Level 3

Nursery Practitioner

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