Baby Room

Our Warm and Comforting Baby Room: Newborns to 18 Months

Our Baby Room is a warm and comforting environment, which helps our babies to settle and feel safe and happy. We believe that bright/bold colours in the environment are overstimulating which leads to issues with concentration and difficulty in regulating emotions. We use calming/neutral colours within our Baby Room as we believe children learn most effectively when their environment is tranquil and balanced. A variety of open-ended, wooden and natural resources are offered to encourage creativity and imagination. We believe that more natural materials and real objects encourage curiosity and exploration using all the senses.


play, exploration & discovery

Our well-planned interest areas guide play, exploration and discovery which are all used to help children develop and learn. The types of areas we plan for include a creative area, sleeping area (see ‘Safe Sleep’ section), messy play area, role play area, sensory den, cosy corner and visual stimulation area.

Ensuring Babies develop Positive Healthy Attitudes towards Food

We believe that mealtime environments play a crucial role in ensuring babies develop healthy attitudes towards food and learn vital social and physical skills. Our feeding area creates a relaxed, supportive and engaging mealtime environment with minimal distraction. As with our indoor environment, we plan our outdoor area carefully as we believe that an effective outdoor space is very important to help children develop and learn. We have planned for many ways to enhance our natural environment to support learning and development and we support our babies to access these safely and confidently throughout the day.


Meet the Baby Room Team

Step into our nurturing haven, where our team of dedicated nursery practitioners awaits to embark on an enchanting journey alongside your precious little ones. With a blend of expertise and boundless compassion, our practitioners are the heart and soul of our baby room.

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